SF Balaclava

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The Agilite SF Balaclava is used by Israeli and other Special Forces Operators who, subject to protocol, have to have their faces concealed during combat operations.
This can be challenging in Israeli or Afghanistan heat but the Agilite SF Balaclava is designed to ensure operators stay cool and unimpeded in battle. The ultra thin, flexible Combat Cool™ fabric is engineered to dispel heat and not impede the operator's hearing, breathing or freedom of movement.

Regular Balaclavas trap heat around the head and face, increasing combat fatigue and reducing operator awareness. The Agilite SF Balaclava was designed to disperse heat and sweat, keeping the wearer alert even in extreme Middle Eastern climate conditions. It was also engineered to be ultra thin and dry incredibly quickly for use by Naval Special Operators in maritime operations.
The very latest 2017 version includes new versatility allowing either full face coverage, partial face or neck-only coverage and features a new, even thinner wicking fabric. 
  • Combat Cool™ Moisture-Wicking technology
  • Antibacterial Treated to avoid microbe-induced odors
  • Used by Israeli Military Special Operators for face concealment and protection
  • Versatile positioning for full face, half face and neck-only coverage according to your mission's needs
  • Extends below the neckline for extensive coverage
  • Ultra-thin material for use with Comms and maximum breathability